Parkway Released Time Bible Education

Kingdom Harvest Ministries Collaborates with Parkway School District Pastors for Released
Time Bible Education.

We are excited to announce today, that we have been collaborating with a group of pastors in
the Parkway Local School District to establish a Released Time Bible Education program in the
Parkway School System. A group of pastors from the Rockford area had begun some initial
investigation into a RTBE( Released Time Bible Education) program for their district, and in the
process of communicating with Jenni Miller, School Ministries Ohio Executive Director, they
learned of our progress here in Celina with Kingdom Harvest Ministries. We initially met to
discuss how we could come alongside each other to reach our communities for Jesus, and it
became clear to us that we would function best if we partner together in this venture with God’s
leading! Most of we all can see God’s timing in this! We were excited to discover that in 2014
Parkway Local Schools Board of Education had already approved a policy authorizing RTBE in
their district. The Parkway team that has organized will now be reaching out to all of the local
churches in their district to explain the details of an RTBE program for their communities and to
garner support in prayer, volunteers, and finances. The Parkway program is extremely blessed
to have New Horizons Community Church adjacent to the school and available to house the
program in their facility. The Parkway pastors have already had some dialogue with the Parkway
administrators as well, and are excited to continue to work together with them to get a program
established in the Parkway District. The Parkway RTBE program will function under the
umbrella of KHM and all financial support raised for the Parkway district will be used for the
operational expenses of the Parkway RTBE program.
Please keep praying that we see a move of God in our communities like we have never seen

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