Reach the next generation!

Join us as we share the Gospel with Students during school hours!

Our goal is to partner with schools, churches, and parents to help build a better generation of students, youth, and workers! We know that students are bombarded in this day and age on social media, TV, their phones, and within their schools with negative influences.  Our goal is to partner together to help address these negative influences and help build a stronger youth culture that builds each other up, how to work hard, and how to follow the example of Jesus.

We know that most students no longer attend a church or youth group on a regular basis. Our goal is to reach youth where they are at through Biblical education in order to share a message of acceptance and purpose that strengthens our community.

The legality of a Released Time program recognizes and reinforces the constitutionally protected right of parents to direct the religious education of their children. Released Time programs provide opportunities for public school children to be released, during school hours, for off-premises attendance at Released Time classes on an entirely voluntary basis. Unlike Released Time programs, before school and after-school programs do not allow equal access for all children due to transportation problems and extra-curricular activities.

We believe Released Time Bible education is the best way to encourage the youth of all ages.

We believe Released Time Bible education is the best way to encourage youth – Here’s why: Released Time Bible education programs reach the most kids where they are (and by law, have to be) most of the time. Classes teach right from wrong, love and limits, personal responsibility, and the respect of themselves and others.
When programming is provided during the school day, there is no inconvenience to parents or requirements to adjust their schedules — children are simply released from a portion of their regular school day to attend. Releasing children to attend Bible classes facilitated by local churches gets them familiar with church, a friendly and fun place to be. As children grow older, they may be more likely to return to church one day, as the seeds of faith planted during Released Time Bible studies take root and grow.