Carpenter’s Announce KHM as Beneficiary of Marathon X (10)

Barbara & Rob Carpenter are pleased to announce that the beneficiary for Marathon X (10) will be Kingdom Harvest Ministries. Our goal for this mission is $100,000.Kingdom Harvest Ministries (KHM) is a team of local, trusted leaders who are inspiring the younger generation to discover their gifts and purpose in life through a Biblical lens.

Also, the Kingdom Harvest Ministries directors volunteer their time to lead this ministry. KHM does has monthly expenses that does include food, curriculum, high school teacher stipends, admin costs, and incidentals. KHM partners with schools to teach students how to live a life of integrity, excellent character, and high standards.

They teach Bible curriculum to area youth up to 5 days per week. KHM currently serves in the Celina (grades 9-12) & Parkway (grades 2-12) School districts off campus.

The students and schools directly benefit as the principles of the Bible help influence the better behavior of the students. By coming to know God’s laws and boundaries, students will be better equipped morally as well as spiritually to combat the evils of our age. Indirectly, this benefits businesses and the community as these students then transfer the values of integrity and hard work into the community in which they live. Students who are diligent to pursue the word of God are overall better workers and better stewards of God’s possessions.

In 2014, Ohio enacted O.R.C 3313.6022 Released time courses for religious instruction. What does this mean? This enables parents who would like to enroll their son or daughter into a program like ours that instills the values that are the bedrock of our communities.

These programs are during the school day, off school property, voluntary, and privately funded. No tax dollars go to support the KHM program.

Their vision for the future is to continue to serve the communities of Rockford and Celina. Lord willing, they would like to expand their efforts into the surrounding areas.

They have been able to counsel several communities on how to start programs such as KHM’s. They have had conversations with St. Mary’s Schools and with a few community members of Wapakoneta.

KHM believes that they will be able to start programs in those towns or help individuals in those communities get their own programs started. Some of the same folks that serve KHM also volunteer their time for Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and also the Destiny School of Ministry.

Our previous 9 benefits have raised $381,036.38. This money benefited one family, nine non-profits, and one Endowed Scholarship Fund which will provide 5 $1000 scholarships to Tri Star students this school year and continue to generate scholarships forever.

Once again, Barb & I will join you in this mission by contributing 10% of the first $40,000 donated by our mission partners.

You can join us 3 ways

1) by making your checks out to “KHM” and send to Rod or Barb Carpenter at 2315 Eagle brooke Circle, Celina, OH 45822.

2) You may PayPal direct to us at

3) You may Venmo to me at

You may also contact Rod at 419-236-9136 or email at

Sending to us enables us to log your check to keep track of all money received. Your check will be handed over to KHM within ten days of receipt. 100% of all contributions go to Kingdom Harvest Ministries.

Barb & I hope you will seriously consider joining us in this God driven mission. Our youth are our future leaders.

Thus, we are supporting KHM and their efforts to equip them with the tools to combat the negative influences they will face.

We hope our youth will be inspired to raise their families locally, making this area an even better place to live. Thankfully, Rod & Barb

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