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Home and school situations differ, but most people want to be the best possible parents. Good grades are important but alone are not enough to ensure children will grow up to live happy and productive lives. Released Time Bible Education can help you to accomplish just that!

Independent research and experiences demonstrate that children participating in Released Time programs do better academically and have fewer behavioral problems. These programs have a positive impact on the culture and success of public school students by teaching biblically-based character and leadership skills, engaging in prayer for and with students, reducing disciplinary issues, reducing violence, reducing vandalism, and increasing students’ responsibility and self respect.

Released Time Bible Education is the only legal means to devotionally teach the Bible to public school children during the school day. These programs are voluntary, privately funded and are held off school grounds during the school day.

More information about the Released Time classes.

Do Released Time Bible Education classes interfere with the school day?

No. Released Time classes do not interfere with your child’s mandatory school courses or afterschool activities. The class schedule is set by school personnel in consultation with Released Time staff. Usually the Released Time classes are scheduled for times when other electives are offered.

What are the requirements for my child to attend a Released Time program?

The program is FREE! Parents or guardians are required to sign permission forms provided by the local Released Time program.

Are Released Time Bible Education classes held on school grounds?

No. Released Time classes are held off school campus in a nearby classroom. If the classroom is not within walking distance, transportation is provided by the Released Time program.

So, what are some of the benefits of Released Time to students?

Research documented in Hardwired to Connect has verified that youth who regularly participate in religious activities like School Ministries’ RTBE are often more successful in all aspects of school and in the community.

FACTS: why bible release
Benefits of Released Time Program

Improved involvement and development in school and in the community

Improved relationships with family and friends

Stronger self confidence and regard for others

FACTS: why bible release
Benefits of Released Time Program

Reduction in risk-taking behavior

Positive coping skills for a variety of life situations

A greater connection to God, leading to a stronger understanding of life and a greater self purpose.

Reach the next generation!

We believe Released Time Bible education is the best way to encourage youth – Here’s why: Released Time Bible education programs reach the most kids where they are (and by law, have to be) most of the time. Classes teach right from wronglove and limits, personal responsibility, and the respect of themselves and others.
When programming is provided during the school day, there is no inconvenience to parents or requirements to adjust their schedules — children are simply released from a portion of their regular school day to attend. Releasing children to attend Bible classes facilitated by local churches gets them familiar with church, a friendly and fun place to be. As children grow older, they may be more likely to return to church one day, as the seeds of faith planted during Released Time Bible studies take root and grow.



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