Kingdom Harvest Ministries presents to Celina Board of Education

Hello, world!  We are pleased to announce Kingdom Harvest Ministries is officially public and live! You may be asking what Kingdom Harvest Ministries (KHM) does or is. Two years ago our KHM board met and had a vision for the Celina community. We wanted to build a group who loves the community we are in and wants to see it grow increasingly strong and successful. This means we are focused on partnering with local community churches to bring something living, breathing, and life-giving into our hometown. With this mission on our hearts and the hearts of many others in the community, we are first going to be focused on starting a Released Time Bible Education program (RTBE).  The proposed name of our RTBE will be Bulldogs Leadership and Ethics. One day a week, students will have the opportunity to receive a Bible-based learning curriculum. We have officially met with the school board as of July 16, 2018, to begin the legal process of adopting already existing provisional Ohio State law for this released time. With all these very exciting events occurring, we are hoping you will partner with us in prayer for the community, these programs, and most importantly the youth of this area. This Released Time for Bible Education allows students the option of an elective, with parental permission, that teaches life skills such as service, honoring authority, hard work, and self-respect. This program is privately funded by donations within the community and the schooling takes place off campus with logistics, security, and liability all provided by KHM.  Also in 2014, Gov. Kasich signed into law that high school students could earn a credit for the RTBE class just like any other class they would take.


The school board is interested in seeing more specifics on how a program like this fits into the student’s schedules so we are in the process of reaching out to and meeting with the principals and teachers of Celina. For questions, please email and for updates  visit



KHM Board of Directors